This is a blog between two friends and their affinity for all things Peter Pan and Tiger Lily. Disneybounding, Halloween costumes and whatever else we can imagine (or afford), we'll dump all our love for them here!


the-tiny-teacup asked
Hi, just wanted to say I love your styles! I'm gushing over everything you've done. So how did you get into disneybounding to begin with? anything that motivated you in particular to start?

Thank you so much, we’re glad you like what we put together! We have always loved Peter and Tiger Lily, and we actually started out with just making our own headgear (Tiger Lily’s headband and Peter’s hat) and wearing that when we went to Disneyland. Once we caught wind of disneybounding, we jumped aboard since we love being creative with clothes anyway. We just looked for pieces of outfits here and there, then went all out for Dapper Day a few years back before there were db meet ups and all that good stuff. So, yeah, guess you could say our love for Peter and Tiger Lily was our first motivation and inspiration~

littlesoaringstar asked
You guys are totally amazing! (Thank you so much for the advice before, I did my first disneybound recently with your helpful tips! :D) I also had some ideas that I was wondering if you could help me with? When you create outfits/actual pieces (gluing, sewing etc) from scratch, what's the planning process you go thru from start to finish; ex: if you say to yourself: "A vest would look great on this chara," how do u proceed from there, like what goes thru your mind?Thank you so much in advance!!

It’s awesome that you were able to Disneybound and put something together! Isn’t it super fun? As for putting together pieces, it is really dependent on the situation and what skills we can apply to it. Most if the time we see a piece of clothing and then decide to embroider, alter, or paint on it because those are the simplest ways to add just a little something to an otherwise plain piece of clothing. When it comes to making actual outfits from scratch (which is mostly only our Dapper Day ones), we research what type of clothing could fit the character and what can give some illusion on their original outfits. Nautch is pretty amazing at sewing so she makes up her own patterns and throws it together for us. I usually help with the finer details such as painting or hand sewing things. We hope that helps some!

electro-kat asked
You guys looked adorable in the park today, I wanted to stop you guys for a photo but I queuing for pirates

We weren’t Disneybounding (which is why we didn’t announce we would be in the parks) so it’s actually pretty awesome that you still recognized us! Too bad you were in line. It would have been awesome to say hi and chat a bit! Next time, yeah?

crazylupus asked
Not a question but just a congratulation. Peter Pan is my favorit tale and you too do wonderfull work! <3. It's like a dream where Peter and lily wher come frome the XXI century ^^Thank you very much. Hope see some of your work soon .Have a good day ^^ (nb: sorry for my bad english i am french >o<)

Thank you so much! That is one of the sweetest things we have ever heard. We are so glad you like what we do and are excited to show more outfits that we come up with! Thanks again for the kind words and encouragement.

Did someone say Peter Pan theme for today?

Just threw together some Tiger Lily and Peter outfits real quick for today’s theme over at Disneybound~

poppinamollie asked
Also, it's great that Lily is a curvier lady (like myself) and she doesn't let that stop her gorgeous fashion inspirations. It's a wonderful love yourself message.

Venia (Lily): No matter what, you’ve got to strut! Hahaha. I do believe it isn’t about weight or anything like that. Be unique and choose what fits your body type! Not to mention that I constantly have a second opinion to go to when it comes to the fit of things (thank you Nautch~). Thanks so much for liking my style! I really do work hard on it. I have a pretty awesome Peter to be in the arm of so I have to bring my A game!

poppinamollie asked
I love you guys a lot. You two remind me of me and my best friends. <3 I definitely wanna Disneybound Peter, Wendy, and Tiger Lily together with them, you two are so inspiring.

Isn’t it awesome to have people to share dorky stuff like this with? Hahaha Love to you and your besties!

DisneyBound Disneyland Meet-Up THIS SUNDAY!


Click the link for all the details! Can’t wait to meet all you wonderful people!

We’ll be there! We hope to see old friends and meet some new ones! Be sure to say hi if we run into each other~

katie-bell92 asked
Do you post when you're having photo shoots? I'm going to California for the first time in May, and would love to schedule my Disney day on a day I know you two will be there

We usually post on here when we are going to be at the parks, but if you have a specific day(s) where you will be there, maybe we can work something out! Our passes are valid everyday but Saturday and major holidays.

Dapper Day Spring 2014! It was so much fun seeing with old friends and meeting new ones! Everyone was so sociable and lovely, it was great talking with you all~

We made the decision to scratch up some new outfits for this spring last minute, but we’re pretty happy with the results. Nice and warm (as though it’s ever actually cold in SoCal), at least we each have lovely coats now!

As per usual, both outfits were designed and made by us with great love and labor. 

aquamarine17 asked
I saw you at Disneyland yesterday :) I wanted to say hello but I was too shy >.< I wanted to say that you guys looked AMAZING! your outfits looked awesome :D

Aw, ya shoulda talked to us! We met a lot of wonderful people yesterday and we would have been happy to meet you! Don’t be shy to talk to us the next time around. *heart*

rainbowconnection asked
Aaaaaah I didn't see you guys yesterday, but I didn't go to any meet ups, so that's probably why.. Hope you see ya both next time :}

Aww! Too bad! Were you disneybounding or just dressed spiffy?

While we’re getting our photos from the latest Dapper Day together, here’s a little compilation of what we’ve done previous years for the event! Ah, nostalgia~

The time draws near~ Dapper Day is almost upon us!



Answer Key: Yes. No. Yes.

It’s almost daunting…

Reblog seeing Dapper Day is tomorrow!


Announcing the ten semi-finalists for the DisneyBound Valentines Day Contest!!!

Comment on this post, or re-blog and add in who you’d like to vote for now! Voting closes tomorrow night at 5pm EST!

1) Peter Pan and Wendy

2) Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

3) Prince Adam and Belle

4) Tarzan and Jane

5) Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet

6) Wall-E and Eve

7) Woody and Bo-Peep

8) Chip and Dale

9) Winnie the Pooh and Tigger

10) Peter Pan and Tiger Lily

So we are totally honored to have made the top ten with all these wonderful Disneybounders for Disneybound’s Valentine’s Day Contest! Everyone looks so adorable and we love all the outfits! Please cast your vote for us if you’d like.