This is a blog between two friends and their affinity for all things Peter Pan and Tiger Lily. Disneybounding, Halloween costumes and whatever else we can imagine (or afford), we'll dump all our love for them here!


The phone cases/iPad case/dust plug I (Venia) made for myself and Nautch! I have a brand new one for Nautch in the works for when she gets her new phone!

- The Tiger Lily sculpy cabachon was done by Grandma-Thunderpants ( and Nautch has a matching Peter one that I am going to put on her new case.

- Tiger Lily phone case: The case itself was made by me. I chose out the fabric and made it into the case with some good ol’ Modge Podge.

- Tiger Lily inspired dust plug: The large feather charm was hand painted and the charms/pony beads were bought in a local bead shop!

- Peter Pan phone case: Each rhinestone/star cabachon was put on one by one. Big Ben is just black rhinestones shaped out in a clock tower shape and a watch charm I altered to be the face of a clock. The ship was painted to resemble when Tink covered it in pixie dust!

- Peter Pan iPad case: Got the background fabric from “Quilting Treasures” Peter Pan line. I hand cut out the stars and did goofy and thick stitching around them to make em look cuter. Peter was cut put from some flannel Nautch bought on Etsy!

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